A new beginning

This blog serves as a platform for me to document my experiments and experiences as an electronics hobbyist. It’s goal is not so much to reach as many people as possible (although that would be nice), but instead for me to keep tabs on my own progress and growth as I continue to explore electronics.

Being a college student about to enroll into university, the sheer number of decisions I suddenly found myself having to make for myself is truly overwhelming. The future has never felt so uncertain to me, as the ongoing pandemic and ever-morphing job market landscape continue to stir up the labyrinth of paths presented before me.

I’m torn between my own aspirations and claims by others on the reality of how the world works. I’ve always dreamed of going to so called “top universities”, hearing so many good things about their course structure and how challenging their curriculum is (which is certainly a breath of fresh air in my book, having been stuck with the monotonous way A-Levels are taught, at least here in Malaysia). Life advice, however, always seems to come knocking on the metaphorical door of my mind every single time I get pumped to pursue my dreams. Such advice has never failed to ever so slightly douse the raging excitement within me, as I am kindly but solemnly reminded that getting a job with a stable income is more important, going to top universities probably won’t help with that, employers nowadays probably don’t care anyways…..

Then there are those family members who initiate such conversations:

Kind Uncle #1: “Eh, Heng, what are you studying now?”

Me: “Oh, I’m currently doing A Levels.”

Kind Uncle #1: “Ah I see, nice, nice…. So where are you going to study next time?”

Me: “Probably the UK or the US…”

Kind Uncle #2: “Oh… Aiya don’t go there lah, go China better! Nowadays ah, I tell you ah, China is very strong you know…”

Kind Uncle #1: “I know right! China just launched *insert new gizmo here*, not even the US is capable of that yet.”

Me: “(Starting to lose it) Yes, I know, but just going to China ehhh, doesn’t sound…”

Kind Uncle #1: “Aiya China is better ah, go China! You know ah, if you’re good, they will absorb you, treat you well…”

Me: *mourns for myself internally*

PS: I have nothing against China, they are an amazing nation capable of doing amazing things. I’m just saying that its time to experience a way of life different to one governed by Chinese philosophies and mentalities (because I am ethnic Chinese)

This is my attempt in remedying this issue, to free myself from the reins of whatever education system I happen to be bound by, to keep that initial dose of enthusiasm going for as long as humanly possible, to continuously, and zealously remind myself why I fell in love with electronics in the first place.

I hope to bring you, dear reader, with me on my journey into adulthood. And maybe, if God so desires, you will pick up a thing or two along the way, so that you wouldn’t have to make the mistakes I’ve made, and have an extra data point to weigh in when it comes time to make decisions for your own future.

I sincerely hope that at least a handful of you come from a similar background as myself, and that you would somehow be able to relate to what I’m trying to get across here. It is really hard to find people who truly understand one’s struggles and passions at such a deep level…

To those of you that really resonate with me, thank you for being with me. And to everyone else, thank you too for joining me in my journey.